The humbuckers we build will deliver everything from the classic vintage P.A.F. sound all the way up to today`s modern high power shredders.

Here is a list of parts and materials we use to build P.A.F. and humbucker style pickups:

  • nickel silver pickup covers; non plated RAW nickel silver, chrome plated, nickel silver plated or gold plated
  • stamped nickel silver baseplates - long or short legs
  • maple spacers
  • machined humbucker keeper bars
  • steel screws and slugs: non plated, nickel or gold plated
  • ceramic and rough cast Alnico magnets; A2, A3, A4, A5 and A8.
  • 22 AWG single conductor shielded wire ( tinned stranded conductor, white celanese and black waxed cotton insulation,  tinned braided copper shield) or shielded 4-conductor hookup wire ( 28AWG, foil shield with tinned copper ground wire, 0.120" (3.05mm) outer diameter)
  • butyrate or plastic bobbins; white, cream or black
  • Electrisola pickups wire; plain enamel AWG42 for P.A.F. reproductions or modern poly enameled (AWG42 - AWG43) for something else

Butyrate bobbins are available only in 1 15/16" (49.2mm) vintage pole spacing. These are an authentic reproductions of a PAF butyrate bobbin from the late 50's.  The details like surface texture, offset square inside hole and the butyrate smell are all there to reproduce the sound, the feel and the looks of the originals.


Our humbuckers are direct replacements in Gibson® Epiphone® Greco® Burny® Tokai® Orville® Les Paul® Juniors, SG® Juniors, and SG Specials, plus archtop and semi-hollowbody guitars.

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QQ pickups is a small manufacture of high quality hand wound guitar and bass pickups located in Europe.

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