Privacy protection

GUITAR PICKUPS d.o.o. undertakes to keep confidential your personal data registered with the order, which are collected for accounting, account creation, and for the sole purpose of business contact with you during the use of our services.

All data in the order process are protected by the SSL security protocol, ie they are encrypted during transmission, which guarantees secure data transfer to our database.

GUITAR PICKUPS d.o.o. does not record credit card information.

GUITAR PICKUPS d.o.o. undertakes not to sell, rent or share your data to third parties without your consent, except in the case of an official request for data of state institutions of the Republic of Croatia, in which case in addition to data on legal / natural person access to the web site may be requested. databases, programs ..).

Cookie policy

GUITAR PICKUPS d.o.o. uses the necessary cookies to ensure the functioning of vital parts of the site and to improve the user experience. the site does not use any cookies to track the consumer habits of visitors or the like.

Confidentiality statement

With this statement, GUITAR PICKUPS d.o.o. undertakes that in accordance with Article 18, paragraph 2 of the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette, No. 106/12 – consolidated text) it will preserve the confidentiality of all personal data to which it has the right and authority to access and which are in the company’s personal data collections; that they will use the same personal data exclusively for a specific (prescribed) purpose.

Also, GUITAR PICKUPS d.o.o. undertakes not to provide personal data to which it has the right and authority to access or make available in any other way to third (unauthorized) persons, except in the above-mentioned situations where the data in question are crucial for the provision of the service and undertakes that their confidentiality personal data shall be kept even after the termination of the authority to access personal data.

GUITAR PICKUPS d.o.o. is aware that any unauthorized disposal of personal data to which he has the right of access in his work constitutes a breach of duty.

General Regulation on Personal Data Protection – GDPR

The GDPR is the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection that has been in force since 25 May 2018 and represents the most significant change related to the protection of personal data in the last two decades. It is designed and executed in such a way that it fully meets the needs of the digital age. The aim of the GPDR is to standardize data protection laws in the European Union and thus provide individuals with greater and more consistent rights regarding access to and control of their personal information.
Information security and technical / organizational measures.

GUITAR PICKUPS d.o.o. takes the privacy and security of individuals as well as their personal data seriously and takes all reasonable and precautionary measures to protect the data being processed. There are robust security policies and procedures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction that have several layers of security measures.

GDPR staff

On behalf of GUITAR PICKUPS d.o.o. Tihomir Pavlinović was appointed as the person in charge of data security and implementation of rules and procedures in accordance with the GDPR.