We are family manufacture specialized in hand crafted electric guitar and bass pickups. Using the highest quality parts and skilled workmanship we strive to make great sounding products at affordable prices.
After almost a decade since we have built our first pickup we are still up and running - always working on new models and products.
Together we will build, play and hopefully make some recordings of some of our finest guitar and bass pickups. In our workshop each bobbin is individually scatter wound by hand. Scatter winding is a process when enameled copper wire is intentionally scattered and applied randomly across the bobbin during the winding. This technique produces tone with extra character - giving the pickups unique harmonic signature with great dynamics, clarity and improved string definition.

Rather then making this site an online shop I have decided to keep it small and simple. No shopping cart here, but there should be easy enough for you to get some. There is no shopping cart on the website, but it should be easy enough for you to get in contact and make your order.

You can contact us on this web site, on FB or you can buy products online on popular auction sites. The reason for not having an online shop is simple - I can build only a limited amount of pickups if I want to keep my current quality level.

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QQ pickups is a small manufacture of high quality hand wound guitar and bass pickups located in Europe.

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