My name is Tiho. I am a guitar player, pickup builder and general manager from Q pickups.

Tiho PavlinovicI started playing a guitar almost 30 years ago and I have been a professional musician for 20 years now. During this time I have recorded a couple of albums and played many live shows and concerts, so I can understand the guitar players point of view.

I simply enjoy playing a guitar, a lot more then building pickups. That is a fact and it is who I am. I started building pickups when I finished building a coil winding machine. It took two months to finish it and it is a heavy duty precise coil winding machine, made only for one purpose - winding stringed instrument pickups. That`s were it all started.

Now, 4 years after building my first pickup, I decided to make this web site to provide more general information about our workshop and our products.

All of this would not be possible without my friends and colleagues Ivan, Ante, Kresho, Dario & Duje. Together we will build, play and record some of our finest guitar and bass pickups.

Rather then making this site an online shop I have decided to keep it small and simple. No shopping cart here, but there should be easy enough for you to get some.

You can contact me on this web site, on FB or you can buy them online on popular auction sites. The reason for not having an online shop is simple - I can build only a limited amount of pickups if I want to keep my current quality level.

Q.uick Info

QQ pickups is a small manufacture of high quality hand wound guitar and bass pickups located in Europe.

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