Inspired by the legendary Stratocaster pickups of the '50s and the '60s. Vintage, modern or custom models available.

  • vulcanized fiberboard bobbins; black, grey, red or white
  • Alnico magnets; A2, A3, A4, A5 and A8
  • cloth covered push back wire. 22AWG tinned and stranded. The cloth insulation can be pushed back to expose the centre conductor wire. No stripping required.

If you need custom built pickups there are many options to choose from; beveled or flat pole pieces, vintage staggered or flat magnet height, DC resistance, AWG 42 or AWG 43 wire gauge, single coil or noiseless, coil tapped or classic ... and more.

Pole piece spacing is 52mm / 2.0472" on all strat style pickups. Bottom bobbins can be stamped with letters that represent Alnico type ("A2" - Alnico 2 magnet alloy),  signature ("Q") and position of the pickup ("B" - bridge, "M" - middle, "N" - neck).

Q.uick Info

QQ pickups is a small manufacture of high quality hand wound guitar and bass pickups located in Europe.

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