P90 pickups - fat and raw single coil by Q pickups.

  • pole spacing 50mm
  • nickel silver base plates
  • maple spacers
  • machined keeper bars
  • vintage correct plastic bobbins
  • alnico or ceramic magnets.

Pickup covers for P90 pickups: metal P90 covers are available gold, chrome or nickel plated and non plated. Classic plastic (50mm) or butyrate (49.2mm ) covers also available. If you need custom built pickups you can choose you own specifications: DC resistance,  wire gauge and insulation type, single coil, noiseless, coil tapped or classic.

Our P-90s are direct replacements in Gibson®, Epiphone®, Greco®, Burny®, Tokai®, Orville®, Les Paul®, Juniors, SG® Juniors, and SG Specials, plus archtop and semi-hollow body  made for P-90s. Great choice for giving your next custom guitar that awesome P90 tone.

Q.uick Info

QQ pickups is a small manufacture of high quality hand wound guitar and bass pickups located in Europe.

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